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This is where I describe the service!
Use this service to easily and quickly share basic information. Example: web address/URL or basic text.

Example of usefulness: If you have a very long web address/URL on your smart phone and would like to quickly send it to another device(or person) like a laptop or desktop.

This is a work in progress but is now up to version 1.0!
It is currently useful and you're more than welcome to use it as I develop more features!
Reason for developing this service is to provide a useful tool to whoever needs it and to potientially provide funding for educational tools and services I develop in the future.

New features in development: File uploading!
Share small files like PDFs or images.
File size limit will be farily small (less than 50mb) to make sure this service remains quick and easy!

Optional to receive codes via email
Seperate email addresses with commas

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